A shawl anyone?

Back in January I decided I wanted to learn to crochet. I have previously had a go at this and made a very wonky ragged edged scarf using double crochet stitch and put it all away after that as I wasn’t keen on the result and figured I had no talent in that area. But I started seeing pictures of really lovely knitted/crocheted shawls and I really wanted one, but wasn’t able to find one that felt nice when I went looking 😦

The solution…

Have another go a crochet this time with the help of some good books and youtube! (knitting was not an option as i just can’t seem to get the hang of purl stitch and i keep losing stitches in weird places)

I found these books very helpfull especially as it had lots of close up colour photos:

1. Teach yourself how to crochet by by Lincraft. It’s actually a pack that comes with a variety of hooks and yarn needles and the book of instructions on how to use then and was very helpful

2. Crochet 200 Q & A by Rita Taylor, covers lots of crochet related questions starting from basic stitches through to finishing you projects and lots of things in between. Not so many pictures but lots of step by step written instructions which I found easy to follow.

This youtube channel was also a really really great help to me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?safe_search=on&index=1&feature=BF&v=w45qDIM5S9Y&list=PL2A48795AA8E54AA1

So after all my research I made a “sampler” swatch using different stitches to practice them, with lots of referring to youtube and my books to make sure I was doing it all properly. Then I went looking for an easy to do pattern (had to learn to read crochet patterns too at this point as well as translate American stitch terms into English ones at the same time as I learned that they are not the same thing!)

Found a really nice pattern for a triangle shawl that was easy to follow here:


and it turned out really nice too, so nice that my mum asked me to make one for her aswell. I made hers out of very different wool to mine and they look very different

The one on the left was the one I made for myself out of a large chunky yarn and it came together really quickly, while the one on the left is the one I made for my mum and I used 4ply baby wool for it and it took longer to do as the wool was much smaller. Im happy with how they both turned out and they gave me the confidence to try out another project which is a lap blanket that i’m making for my sister’s children and it is very colourful, but i’ll post about that later.

Well that’s it for now, hope everyone is having a great weekend!