Vintage Patterns From a Tin

Hi People!

I thought i’d show you all the tin of patterns I was given by my mum, which she got from my nan. Both of whom have used the patterns inside it. There are a few from the 80’s and 90’s but most of them come from the 60’s and 70’s (at least that’s my best guess anyways).

I can’t believe that they managed to smoosh all those patterns into that tin. The lid was held down by a rubber band because there was so much in there. I unfortunately tore a few of the envelopes a bit when i was trying to get the patterns out of the tin, but alot of them were already quite worn around the edges as they had been used a bit in their past (though all their pieces are inside, some of them have been cut into as well). Some of them were even second hand when bought by my nan or mum.

Here they all are on my coffee table:

There are 23 of them, some cute kids one’s at the top which i might make for my nieces when they get a bit bigger 🙂

I’m looking at making a version of the pattern 4th from the left on the bottom row, which will mean i’ll have to scale it up one size as it’s just a little bit smaller than my measurements. Which is something i’ve not done before and it will be the first time i’ll be working with a vintage pattern too, so we will see how it all goes when I try it out next year as I have a few other projects on the go that need finishing first!