Skirts Skirts Skirts!

A post Christmas Hi to everyone, I hope you all had wonderful celebrations, I know I did 🙂

I wanted to show you the 3 skirts I managed to make before christmas. 1 was for me to wear and the other 2 were gifts for my nieces 🙂

We’ll start with the one I made for me and finish with the cuteness that is the skirts for my nieces (cause the skirts are tiny). I decided to make a gathered skirt using the 2 part tutorial found on Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing here:

Part 1

Part 2

I enjoyed making the skirt for the most part, except for the gathering stitch when I used the sewing machine as I kept breaking the thread when I tried to gather up the skirt. But I managed to get there in the end without throwing the sewing machine and the skirt out the window! I used a soft flannel cotton plaid in lavender and green which I found at Spotlight and I used a regular hand picked zipper instead of the invisible one used by Gertie in her skirt, as I’m still just getting comfortable putting in the regular zip (this being only my 2nd zipper installation).

Here’s me in my skirt at Christmas Eve afternoon

And here are a couple of pics showing you all my lovely zipper and matched up plaid on the side seam!

    My Zipper                                                                                                            Matching Plaid

So now for the promised cuteness!

I made an elasticised gathered skirt each for my nieces who are 5 months and just over 2 years respectively out of some left over quilting fabric I had after making the backing for the Fairy Quilt for my littlelest niece. It’s a Soft lavender and pink cotton flannel with unicorns on it and I used these instruction from Wee Folk Art. I also added a bought pink T shirt to go with each skirt to make them into little outfits, which I think are very cute.

The Skirts                                                                                                                       The Outfits

If I manage to get pictures of the girls wearing them I’ll try and post them here. Even so isn’t there something just to cute about clothes for little kids that is just to cute?


Vintage Patterns From a Tin

Hi People!

I thought i’d show you all the tin of patterns I was given by my mum, which she got from my nan. Both of whom have used the patterns inside it. There are a few from the 80’s and 90’s but most of them come from the 60’s and 70’s (at least that’s my best guess anyways).

I can’t believe that they managed to smoosh all those patterns into that tin. The lid was held down by a rubber band because there was so much in there. I unfortunately tore a few of the envelopes a bit when i was trying to get the patterns out of the tin, but alot of them were already quite worn around the edges as they had been used a bit in their past (though all their pieces are inside, some of them have been cut into as well). Some of them were even second hand when bought by my nan or mum.

Here they all are on my coffee table:

There are 23 of them, some cute kids one’s at the top which i might make for my nieces when they get a bit bigger 🙂

I’m looking at making a version of the pattern 4th from the left on the bottom row, which will mean i’ll have to scale it up one size as it’s just a little bit smaller than my measurements. Which is something i’ve not done before and it will be the first time i’ll be working with a vintage pattern too, so we will see how it all goes when I try it out next year as I have a few other projects on the go that need finishing first!

A River Song Dress

Sorry to have been away for a bit, but there have been a few more drama’s happening which have taken up alot of time recently. Sadly I didn’t make it to the vintage fair as I broke my glasses the night before and couldn’t find my old pair so It really wasn’t a good idea to drive anywhere unless I had to 😦  Then add to that being told that due to budget cuts my job at the library will be finishing up at the end of November as they can’t afford to keep me (I was not the only one being let go and my boss was really upset about the whole thing).

I’m upset and I blame Barry O’Farrel and his budget cuts to the public services (libraries are not considered front line services, they’re considered a support service so alot of funding is being taken away). I’m lucky I’m not in debt up to my eyeballs or have children so that makes this a bit less stressful but i still need to pay the rent! Hopefully something will come up or I might even go in another direction, we’ll see what happens.

Well enough of that! Despite all the drama I did manage to make something recently, I promised my housemate that I’d make her a halloween costume for a party she was going to. She’s a big Doctor Who fan and a redhead so it was decided she would go as River Song in the dress she wears in the episode Day of the Moon (and other episodes)

  While searching for images I also came across another dress that was a dead     ringer for this one that came from a store called All Saints which is based in       the US and the UK (so nowhere near me) and they were sold out to boot! But I     found pictures of it which showed of the hem detail really well as most still           pictures from Doctor Who weren’t giving a very good view.

 See the hem detail ——————>

So I patterned my friend and  housemate to get the bodice right afew weeks ago, then we went shoping and bought a nice greeny suiting fabric (she liked the colour better than the green in the linen we found) got it all washed and then all my dramas started to happen and it got put on hold. But thankfully I got out of my funk on Friday and started cutting out fabric and pinning it all together. Sewing it all together happened yesterday as she needed the dress for her party that night! I kinda adlibbed the skirt as best i could as i couldn’t get it quite right but i’m still pleased with it. This was also the first project I’ve ever done that had a zipper! It was a teeny bit wonky at the bottom but not to bad for a first try. (I used a handpicked zipper following the tutorial at Sewaholic which made it feel like it would be easy to attempt, and it was really)

 She looks pretty awesome! Her belts were thrifted and  she fixed them up and added a handmade holster for  her painted water pistol gun 🙂

All in all, not to bad for 1 day and an evenings solid work !





Inspiring Sewing Projects

I haven’t been doing much in the way of crafts for the last little while, but I have been coming across different projects that have gotten me quite inspired and wanting to get back into doing more sewing 🙂

  • The Circle Skirt Sew Along being hosted by Casey at  Elegant Musings whose button is also on my sidebar as I am taking part in this sew along. It will be my first project that involves a zipper!

  • Jane Austen’s Sewing Box : Craft Projects & Stories from Jane Austen’s Novels by Jennifer Forrest. This book is one I found at the library and found it really interesting. It looks at the role sewing played in the lives of women in the Regency period in which Jane Austen lived and gives you quite a few projects which were common for the time period with supply lists and instructions for you to have a try of. I’m especially wanting to make the huswife and the workbag as they look really sweet.

  • A wall hanging kit I got at the Craft and Quilt fair called Hidden secrets No.3 by Anne Gadsby Designs  which I promised to do for a friend, it would also be my first time trying fussy cutting for a quilt project too.
  • I’d really like to make the Beatrix Potter skirt from Sense and Sensibility patterns range as well as a Button necklace from the button necklace crochet pattern (even though it’s not really a sewing project I still want to add it here)
  • I also realised that I have quite a lot of fabric bits/pieces/fat quarters/leftovers in my blanket chest that would make some very nice little quilts/hangings/cushions/table mats…. so hopefully i’ll see something to help me use up some of my stash 😀

I wouldn’t call this a to do list as that would make all these wonderful projects sound like chores and I don’t feel they are. Hopefully I will be able to make some progress through this Project Catalogue and get some of the finished items up here on the blog. Does anyone else have any projects they want to put into their own Project Catalogue?