Vintage curls without using heat

I’m always on the look out for easy ways to give my hair some curl without using to many bits of equipment (i’m not very coordinated when it comes to hair styling) or hot styling tools, as I have quite fine hair that doesn’t like to much heat applied to it.

I have tried pin curls and that worked really well, all you need is wet/damp hair, bobby pins, a rat tail comb and a good chunk of time to get all done plus it has to dry while the hair is all pinned up which can take a while (it’s recommended you leave your hair in overnight). in the morning you take it down and brush your hair till you get the curls the way you want them.

I followed the video’s by Strawberry Koi to do my first ever pin curls and was pretty successful,

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time as it took me nearly an hour to get all my hair pinned up (as i said i’m not terribly coordinated when it comes to styling my own hair)

But today I found a video posted by a lady on facebook and it looked like a really interesting and most importantly easy way to get vintage style curls without using hot styling tools!

It looks really Easy and i’ll be giving it a go once i can find an elastic band like the one she uses in the video.