I’m still here! an Update and a motivational video

Hi everyone, sorry I haven’t posted recently I have been devoured by the beast better known as the book series “A Song of Ice and Fire”. Starting with Game of Thrones and I’m now up to book 4 “A Feast For Crows”, Each of these books is nearly 900 pages each, so they are taking a while and are very addictive so I MUST FINISH THEM 🙂

Otherwise not much sewing being done though I have had a few failed attempts at no kneading bread and have decided that method is not for me and will be trying a more traditional approach in the near future. I’ve also fixed up the final pictures from my SE ASIA trip and will try and post them in a few days.

Good news is that I found some contract work that will start in a couple of weeks, so YAY to employment!

I have also made it nearly to the end of week 3 for the C25K running program after getting a bit of a virus and having to stop till I felt better to try again and am really pleased with my progress. So much so that when I was at the supermarket recently and saw a poster for Heart of the Lake Fun Run organised by a local jogging group I decided to enter. I’m doing the 3km one as this will be my first fun run but I’m hoping to do another Run in Late July/August called the Bay Run and that will be 7km so fingers crossed 🙂

Now I saw a fabulous youtube video over at Lilacs & Lace of Rita Hayworth movie clips put to the Bee Gees Stayin alive that just makes me want to dance and have many of the dresses too! and thought I’d share it:

Well that’s it for now, hope you all enjoy the video 🙂