Boots and Bonnets

This was the next project I tackled after the success of my shawls as I still wanted to do more crochet but desperately needed a new pattern to try to keep my enthuisiasm going. But what pattern to choose…. Lucky for me my sister was going to have a baby! So i decided to make something for the baby, and given that my sister was due to give birth in July that meant the baby would need something to keep warm in winter. I still needed something kinda simple so i decided to make the baby a hat and matching booties 🙂

The bootie pattern I found via Ravelery after a friend of mine recommended it as great place to find patterns (she is a massive fan). So i had a look around after joining up and there were heaps of them some a bit more complicated than others but I found one that had beginner in it’s tags 😀  and it was free to boot!!!!! It also could be worked flat and then stitched into a bootie shape at the end which made it very easy to do (at least for me it  did) I even managed to get my first pair of booties from this pattern done in about 1 1/2 hours on my first attempt and they turned out great!… except that  they were really teeny tiny as i hadn’t done a gauge swatch to test my wool and hook for the pattern *Embarrassed*

Lesson: Do a gauge swatch test if you’re not sure if your wool and hook match those suggested in the pattern (the pattern came from America and they use different terms to discribe wool to what i’m used to here in Oz)

On my second try I changed wool and did a gauge test and they turned out just right

For the hat I also found the pattern in Ravelry and there were lots to choose from in the easy baby hat category, though I couldn’t for the life of me understand how to get the hat started as i was totally confused by the starting instructions. Stayed confused after asking a couple of people to explain it for me too (though to be fair they were only able to explain and not show me as none of us had wool and a hook on us when i asked for help) so i ended up on Youtube and found a great video that showed really clearly what I was supposed to do to start a hat.

So with the help of the pattern and the video i managed to get it started and finished. Used the same wool as in bootie attempt No.1 and the hat ended up teeny tiny like the first booties. So tried again with wool from bootie attempt No.2 and it worked out great.

Lesson: 4 Ply baby wool crochets up teeny tiny!  Will need to learn to adjust and add to patterns to compensate for this

Overall I was quite happy and my sister really liked them too 🙂

Sadly I dropped my camera with my bootie pictures on the  hardwood floor and it’s broken and won’t turn on 😦 so i can’t load my pictures, but will add them if I can get hold of a card reader.