Pictures from Thailand and Laos

Hi everyone!

Sorry to have been away, have been busy going to interviews, visiting family etc… During all that I did manage to pick some of my favorite photos from my trip to south East Asia which I’ll put up in 2 posts as their are quite a few of them.

1st up I’ll put a pictures that I took while in Thailand and Laos in December/January.


I like these as they show parts of everyday life that are very different to the life I experience at home, I hope you enjoyed them too 🙂


Get Healthy Challenge Update :)

Hi readers!

I survived my first week of my Get Healthy Challenge wooooooooooh! I did this by:

1. Completing week one of the C25K running program, which i listen to in podcast form as I run. It felt like i was just going to become a used up lump on the floor after the first run but by the end of the week (which is run number 3) I felt really good and was looking forward to running which really suprised me as I’m not overly athletic. Plus I managed to get my runs in in between all the rain we’ve been having here

2. Did my after run stretching which is getting better as my tight muscles are finally loosening up 🙂 though I haven’t as yet done a yoga session. But that is one of my goals to do this week on top of my running week 2 of C25K.

3. I rode my bike and went Geocaching both of which were lots and lots of fun, despite being hunted by huge blood guzzling mosquitos and some seriously aggressive Jumper Ants which are a breed of bull ant native to Australia and they have really painful stings as my housemate who was with me found out when one of them bit her through her shoe!

Jumper Ant picture courtesy of Wikipedia

Despite our insect attackers we found our prize hidden under it’s rock so were well pleased with ourselves 🙂

4. I have mainly eaten vegetarian for the whole week as that was what I had in the freezer. As I cook big batches of meals and freeze portions to eat when I can’t be bothered cooking which is what happened last week. So I ended up having a meat splurge on saturday with a burger, chips and ice cream for lunch and a steak and veggies for dinner with white chocolate mud cake for dessert. So I felt pretty stuffed that night and wasn’t too hungry on Sunday, so that made it easier to eat my normal food again.

So this week I want to do at least one yoga session along with my runs and taking my dog for her walks, add wee bit more protein to my meals this week to hopefully avoid a big binge on the weekend and have a bit of time to do some meditation to relax my mind which all sounds achievable.

Until later 🙂

Faery Houses


I thought I’d show you all a little quilting project I’m working on.

I bought this kit at the 2011 Craft & Quilt Fair in Sydney and I’m making it for my friends’ little baby and will eventually turn it into a cushion when it’s finished. I’m enjoying it a great deal, especially the fusible webbing for the applique as I have never used it before or done applique either when I think about it. This is how much I’ve got done so far:

It came with assembly instructions and all the fabric for the quilt top, but I needed to find all the embroidery threads i’d be using as well as having to supply my own fusible webbing (which i’ve not used before so was unsure which kind would be best and the kit instructions don’t have any recommendations either) So I went with a light weight webbing as all the pieces are being embroidered onto the backing fabric. It’s pretty cute so far 🙂

I’m so going to try this it looks incredibly yummy!

Overgrown Waltz

I really wanted to tell you about the asparagus risotto I made this week.  It was creamy and subtle and deliciously spring-ish, while comforting enough for the chilly air that settles around us in the evenings.  But I can’t.  It would be irresponsible- nay, reprehensible– to allow you to go on living one more day of your life without hearing about this cake.

There are cakes for celebrations, and then there are cakes like this.  This is an everyday cake, padding around in day-old jeans and a faded t-shirt, perfect for coffee and a bit of freshly whipped cream.   But at the same time, this is a seriously awesome cake.  This is a make-this-when-your-mother-in-law-comes cake.  Even if it’s only in jeans, it’s impressive.  Sweet, sticky, and spicy. What more do you need?!

This is from Dorie Greenspan’s Baking: From my home to yours, except she wrote it as…

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Back From Being MIA

Hi everyone!

Sorry i haven’t posted lately but it’s taken me a while to settle back into a routine after coming back from my trip to SE Asia, but i’m finally caught up and looking forward to posting again 🙂

I took lots & lots &lots & lots…. of photos so i’m still going through them and will put the more interesting one’s up here over a few posts in the very near future.

In other news, I and some of my friends are doing a healthy kick start month to develop some new habits and achieve some healthy body goals. Which is great as I’ve found my pants are now a bit on the too tight side (I blame the coconut milk in the curries!) and as I’m about to finish up with some temp work I scored just before leaving on my trip, I will once again be unemployed so buying a new bunch of clothes is not an option.

So this health month will be a good way for me to address that as I am not the most exercise happy person in the world (it’s not my favorite thing at all). I want to improve my cardiac fitness which is quite atrocious and improve my flexibility which has been awful ever since I was a child.

So I’ve taken up running cause it’s really cheap as in FREE! and I’ll be following the C25K Program which has been designed to get couch potatoes (like me) up and running 5KM in about 9 weeks so we’ll see how it goes. (tried it before but got demotivated as I don’t like running by myself, much prefer class based stuff especially dancing! which I will enroll my self in once I have steady employment again).

I’m also going to try out some yoga added to the stretches I found for runners to help with my flexibility, as I have a goal of being able to touch my toes when I bend over which I’m unable to do right now because my muscles are so tight. I have a DVD and a phone app for guidance. Just need to remember not to push my stretches to hard or i’ll get terribly sore and stop which is what has happened previously.

Hopefully you won’t have to hear to much moaning from me (I can’t promise you I won’t complain as I probably will) but I will try to balance things out by reporting good progress too. Overall this coming month will be about getting fit and flexible more than weight loss, so hopefully this will be something to keep me busy while I search for work too.

Just in case you might be worried I’m giving up sewing and craft i’m not 🙂 I’m working on a couple of projects which I’ll show you shortly, plus I was given a whole stash of fabric by my sisters’ mother in law

There was some really cute kids fabrics and some very nice grown up ones too! which I’m already matching up with some of the patterns I have and with a few I’ve seen online 🙂

That’s all from me

Have a great weekend!

Hi from Vietnam

Hi everyone!

Sorry about being quiet the last couple of weeks as I’m on holiday in Indochina and have spent the last little while in Vietnam. With three days in Hoi An the tailoring capital of the country with something like 400 tailors in a 6 block radius.

As you can imagine not all of these tailors are actually good, and most of them need at least a picture of the garment you want to make and hopefully you don’t make to many changes to the design as this can get you all into trouble which is sadly what happened to a few of my fellow travelling companions.

I seemed to do ok, as I had pictures of what I wanted made and they were all pretty simple designs too. Plus I wasn’t shy when it came to the fittings and letting them know what I wanted fixed 🙂

In the end I got 2 dresses, a shirt, a Skirt, a leather jacket and a pair of leather knee high boots, all made in about 2.5 days!



Well that’s it for now, I’ll share more of my Indochina adventure when I get home and can download my pictures off my camera 😀

Little people quilts

My post today is one thats been a draft for a while simply some of the pictures were trapped on my small point and shoot camera which i dropped on the hardwood floor and kinda mangled, so I was unable to get the pictures of the memory card as the camera wouldn’t turn on and I didn’t have any other compatible card reading device on hand. It’s about the quit projects that got me interested in sewing after not doing much of it since i was 20.

I’v e made 2 quilts since I started sewing, both of them for my little nieces. so they have been cot sized ones and they were both made using squares and rectangles to make up the quilt blocks. Pretty simple really but they were useful to me as I learned how to use a rotary cutter as well as how to make templates and how to make sure seams line up too.

The first quilt was made from a kit for a Peter Rabbit quilt, so all i had to do was follow the instructions and cut accurately. I had a small mishap with one of the strips and didn’t realise until i’d cut the whole strip up only to find that the rectangles were too small! so I had to track down some more of the fabric. Lucky for me the kit had the number of the store where it came from on it (I bought it at the craft and quilt fair) so i called them and they were able to send me some more fabric as well as a backing fabric too.

I deviated from the instruction in that I didn’t add the prairie points to the quilt, instead I added a ruffle as I thought it was cuter.

The second quilt I designed myself after my sister and I saw a really cute fabric panel at the quilt show, so I picked a complementary fabric at the same time as I bought the panel which was fine. When i went to make the quilt I realised I had underestimated the amount of fabric I would need, so i went looking for more of the fabric form the series but couldn’t find any. So I improvised and went to spotlight and found some plain fabric that would suit the panel and border fabric.

This quilt was made from squares and sashing strips with rectangular border fabric and bias binding strips made from the same fabric as the backing. In the end i was really pleased with it even though I had to alter my plans a few times.

Both of the quilts were quilted with in the ditch quilting as that’s all I feel comfortable with at the moment but I eventually hope I’ll be able to give something a bit fancier a try at some point in the future most likely on a quilt i’m making for myself so it won’t matter so much if I mess it up a little.

Has anyone else got some craft technique they hope to try?