Linky Love

Hi readers!

Today’s post title is one that i’m going to use for the posts where I will be sharing links to things I found interesting, inspiring, exciting etc…. I will talk a little about the site I’ll link to, why I like it and where I found it (if from someone else’s blog/pinterest/blog facebook) So here is my first batch of Linky Love 🙂

  • I love history and art and creative things so I was really excited when several people on facebook posted about the MET in New York putting a whole bunch of their print catalouge online, available as downloadable PDF’s! (there are 370 titles available) History of textiles, 18th century fashion, ceramics, paintings just to name a few. Go check it out at The MET website.
  • Historical cookery as you know is something I like to explore and while reading the Two Nerdy History Girls blog recently they mentioned going to Colonial Williamsburg (as have many other costumers whose blogs I read) But these ladies mentioned food being prepared on their visit by members of Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Foodways program who have a website called History is Served! full of original source recipes with modern versions for home cooks to try!!!
  • Staying with historical cookery for another moment I’d like to share a resource I found a long time ago when I played in The SCA as a Uni student and which I still like to go and use when I want to make something a little different. Introducing Gode Cookery a big fat rambling collection of Medieval and Renaissance recipes adapted for the modern kitchen. Have fun and be prepared to  stay there a while 🙂

Well that’s it for today and I hope you enjoy them. Hopefully I’ll get myself organised and put some pictures to some other posts I’m working on, so you can all see what else i’ve been up to lately.


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