Faery Houses


I thought I’d show you all a little quilting project I’m working on.

I bought this kit at the 2011 Craft & Quilt Fair in Sydney and I’m making it for my friends’ little baby and will eventually turn it into a cushion when it’s finished. I’m enjoying it a great deal, especially the fusible webbing for the applique as I have never used it before or done applique either when I think about it. This is how much I’ve got done so far:

It came with assembly instructions and all the fabric for the quilt top, but I needed to find all the embroidery threads i’d be using as well as having to supply my own fusible webbing (which i’ve not used before so was unsure which kind would be best and the kit instructions don’t have any recommendations either) So I went with a light weight webbing as all the pieces are being embroidered onto the backing fabric. It’s pretty cute so far πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Faery Houses

  1. It looks really lovely. I’ve always stayed away from quilting thinking i’d get bored from all the repetition (say for making a bedspread). This looks really pretty and cute and manageable too. How does the fusible wadding work? and is it easy to use for the small pieces?
    Keep going – it will be such a lovely present for your friends baby.

    • Thanks pinkfluffyworld! I enjoy quilting as it’s what started me on my sewing journey. It can be repetitious depending on the pattern and I end up taking ages to do those ones as I need a bit of variety.

      This little quilt is being pretty easy so far. The fusible webbing is much like interfacing for sewing really, it’s got peel away paper on one side and is shiny/dry glue on the other. i’ve been tracing my designs onto squares of fabric and cutting webbing from the roll to the size of the square then you iron gluey side onto the fabric by pressing on the peel away paper for a few seconds then let it cool cut out the designs peel away the backing paper (one side of the fabric will be shiny) then place shiny side of fabric down and iron onto backing fabric for about 6 seconds. The glue in the webbing seems to help stop the material from fraying when it’s cut which is handy πŸ™‚

      Sorry that went a it longer than I thought it would, hope it made sense and was helpful

      • It does make sense, i’ll have to see if my sewing shop sells it, i’ve not noticed it in the shop before. Ta x

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