Hi from Vietnam

Hi everyone!

Sorry about being quiet the last couple of weeks as I’m on holiday in Indochina and have spent the last little while in Vietnam. With three days in Hoi An the tailoring capital of the country with something like 400 tailors in a 6 block radius.

As you can imagine not all of these tailors are actually good, and most of them need at least a picture of the garment you want to make and hopefully you don’t make to many changes to the design as this can get you all into trouble which is sadly what happened to a few of my fellow travelling companions.

I seemed to do ok, as I had pictures of what I wanted made and they were all pretty simple designs too. Plus I wasn’t shy when it came to the fittings and letting them know what I wanted fixed 🙂

In the end I got 2 dresses, a shirt, a Skirt, a leather jacket and a pair of leather knee high boots, all made in about 2.5 days!



Well that’s it for now, I’ll share more of my Indochina adventure when I get home and can download my pictures off my camera 😀


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